3B Hair Type: What It Is and Expert Care Tips

3B Hair Type: What It Is and Expert Care Tips

Your curly natural hair is a priceless crown that frames your face with elegance. However, knots, frizz, tangles, and matting can make your ringlets feel unmanageable!

The secret to envy-worthy, shiny, and healthy curls is understanding your hair typeOpens in a new tab. and creating a care and styling routine for its unique characteristics.

Is your hair 3B? Let’s help you find out! We’ll also share the best hair care tips for 3B locks to help you enjoy and embrace your natural beauty daily.

What Is 3B Hair?

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Well-defined, springy, and tight curls about the width of a Sharpie marker characterize 3B hair. It offers versatility and stunning ringlet patterns that catch the eye.

The tighter curl pattern of 3B hair gives a natural bounce that adds a lively and playful vibe.

However, it has its unique challenges. The main challenge of the 3B curl type is that it can lose moisture quickly and it’s prone to frizz. You’ll need to use hydrating curly hair products and nourishing oils to prevent dryness and frizz.

The Differences Between 3A, 3B, and 3C

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What distinguishes hair 3B from other curly hair types?

All type 3 hair have defined curls but with different sizes, textures, and volumes. Type 3A curls are the loosest, while type 3C curls are the tightest. Type 3B curls fall in between, having a mix of 3A or 3C curls.

Understanding these subtleties can help you tailor a care and styling routine that meets the specific needs of individual curls within the 3B hair type.

Below is a quick summary of the key features of all type 3 hair based on the Andre Walker Hair Typing SystemOpens in a new tab.:

3A Hair

  • Well-defined S-shape pattern
  • Wavy, softer, and loose curls
  • Fine texture
  • Less prone to frizz compared to other curl types

3B Hair

  • Ringlet-shaped, bouncy, and voluminous curls
  • Can be either tight spirals, loose waves, or loosely corkscrewed curl patterns
  • Prone to frizziness and uneven distribution
  • Coarser hair texture

3C Hair

  • Tight, stiff, and corkscrew-like coils
  • Dense and voluminous
  • About the width of a pencil
  • Coarse texture
  • Very prone to frizz

Expert 3B Hair Care Tips

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Here are our top tips for maintaining perfectly-defined, frizz-free, and voluminous spirals for 3B hair types.

Pre-poo Hair Before Washing

A well-thought-out care routine for 3B hair texture should include pre-pooing. It adds the extra moisture needed to combat dryness.

Pre-poo your hair by applying a nourishing hair oilOpens in a new tab. or hydrating conditioner before shampooing. Wash your hair after letting the conditioner or oil sit for about 30 mins.

Wash Less-Frequently and Use the Right Products

The health and shape of your curls heavily rely on your scalp’s natural oils. If you shampoo more than once a week, you can strip these scalp oils, leading to dryness.

Look for the best hydrating curly hair shampoosOpens in a new tab.. When using the right shampoo, a little product goes a long way. Use just enough to clean the hair.

You should also embrace the Curly Girl Method, which avoids anything that hurts your hair. These might include products with harsh sulfates and silicones. Opting for sulfate-free shampoos and co-washing (using conditioner as a cleanser) can help retain natural oils and moisture.

Deep Condition and Use Hair Masks Regularly

A deep conditioner treatmentOpens in a new tab. or a hair mask is essential for nourishing 3B hair and keeping it hydrated. Look for a deep conditioner specifically formulated for curly hair, containing ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera.

Indulging in a DIY deep conditioning mask with oil and honey can also provide a much-needed moisture boost.

Unlike shampooing, which should be less frequent, using a good conditioner or mask twice or thrice a week works miracles on most 3B curl types.

Limit Heat Styling

While it’s tempting to experiment with heat styling tools, excessive heat can damage 3B curlsOpens in a new tab., leading to dryness and frizz.

Instead of relying on heat tools, let your curls air dry! You can also use styling foam or curl-defining creams to showcase the versatility of your curls.

If you must do some heat styling, always apply a heat protectant to create a barrier between the hair and the heat source. The extra step will reduce the risk of damage and maintain the integrity of the curls.

Sleep on a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

Do you want to wake up with manageable and healthy hair in the morning?

Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase protects your 3B hair from frizz and damage. Cotton pillowcases can be rough and absorbent, which can cause your hair to dry out and frizz.

Silk and satin pillowcases have smooth surfaces that create less friction against the hair, preventing tangles and reducing frizz risk. They’re also non-absorbent, meaning your hair retains natural moisture and avoids excessive dryness.

You can also tie it up in loose burns and wear a silk or satin cap when sleeping.

Use Lightweight Leave-in Products

A heavy curling cream, leave-in conditioner, or moisturizer weighs most low-porosity hair down. Using too much of a product can also have the same effect.

However, if you have high porosity hair (losing moisture quickly), you can choose products with richer ingredients like coconut oil.

The Best Curly Hair Tips on Styling

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You can explore many curly styling methods and hairstyles to find what works best for you. Here are our favorites.

  • Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer. It’s always great to let your locks air dry. But if you’re short on time, use a diffuser to dry hair without frizzing it.
  • Plop your hair. Plopping is where you wrap wet hair in a soft cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel for about 20 minutes to help define your curls and reduce drying time.
  • Comb bottom up: Use a wide tooth comb working from the bottom up to prevent breakage and preserve the curl pattern. You can also use your fingers to detangle the hair gently.
  • Use the squish and condish technique: Apply conditioner to wet hair and scrunch it up words to encourage curl formation. It’s a helpful technique when you want defined curls and long-lasting moisture.
  • Use a styling gel or mousse. These products can help to hold your curls in place and prevent frizz.

Cuts for Type 3B Hair

Here are some of the cuts you can do on 3B hair when dry.

  • Pixie cut
  • Asymmetrical bob
  • Stacked bob
  • Center-parted curls
  • Shoulder cut
  • Curly bangs
  • Afro
  • Layered curls

Wrapping Up

Understanding your curl type and developing a hair care routine that fits it will give you a flawless look any day.

You might have to try different products and styling techniques to find the right ones for you. But always go for those designed for your hair type.

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