Lift Wand Professional High-Frequency Machine Review

Someone receiving a high-frequency treatment at a salon.

The Lift Wand High-Frequency Machine is a salon-quality facial device designed with you in mind. Today I’m going to give you my review of this amazing product.  It’s finally here! A spa-quality treatment that you can administer yourself with skin-changing, and dare I say, life-changing results.  You’re going to need this portable high-frequency machine as […]

Stay Golden: Bipin Self-Tanner Review

Bipin Self-Tanner on a white countertop

Oh. My. Goodness! I’m about to share my review of the best-kept secret you haven’t heard of (yet.) Bipin Self-Tanner.  Have you tried the self-tanner from Bipin? If you haven’t, get ready for your head to explode.  I know what you’re probably thinking, “Self tanning… ugh, what a pain. That stuff leaves your skin orange […]

No More Fine Lines: Frownies Facial Patches Review

Frownies Facial Patches packaging and patches outside of the box on a white background.

As a salon owner and skincare specialist, I know the benefits of skincare maintenance. A common topic I discuss with both staff and clients is wrinkles and how to prevent them. So today, we will tackle one of my greatest secrets with the Frownies Facial Patches review.  You can prevent the appearance of future wrinkles […]

Belmint Professional Foot Spa Bath Massager Review

Belmint Professional Foot Spa Bath Massager Review

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite ways to relax is the spa soak when I’m getting a pedicure. There is one product I’ve found that gives me that oh-so-relaxed feeling at home: I give you The Belmint Professional Foot Spa Bath Massager Review. This product is exactly what I need to […]

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