The Easiest Heatless Curls Ever

a blonde woman smiling, holding a pillow with a sleep mask on her forehead

For beauty you can do in your sleep, try a heatless curl product. We all want to look our best—but sometimes we want to do that with little to no effort. Overnight, heatless curls are the easiest and best way to look put together without spending hours in front of the mirror getting ready. There […]

A Cult Classic: Coty Airspun Face Powder

coty airspun translucent powder on a white background

Set your blending brushes down and listen up. I’m not claiming to have solved all of your beauty blunders. I will be as bold as to say I’ve found the perfect translucent setting powder to address your baking and powdering needs.   Coty Airpsun Face Powder isn’t precisely new to the market, but it does […]

Au Natural—Healthier Deodorant Options

flat lay of deodorant sticks, salves and flowers

These days, there has been a major trend of switching over to more natural products. This trend is popular in the beauty industry too, and a big player in this trend is natural deodorants. But just because you make the switch to deodorant with more natural ingredients, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the effectiveness […]

4 Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth

portrait of woman with long red hair

Are you recovering from a color job or hairstyle that didn’t quite turn out like your plan? Are you looking for ways to stimulate hair growth? If you are tired of waiting for your hair to get longer, you might find yourself searching for ways to help speed up the process.  It seems like it […]

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