Bleach Gone Wrong? How To Fix Orange Hair

Salon Client with Orange Hair

So you were ready to go from dark hair to blonde hair, and it went all wrong? Grabbed that color off the Target shelf thinking that there is no time for the salon, or I can’t afford it right now. OMG, now how do I fix orange hair? Now is the part where we sit […]

Salon Marketing: How I tripled my Income in 1 month

Salon Marketing Cover Photo

We all want to make more money right? If you said no, I’m going to assume that you are lying. When I left my corporate salon job and switched to booth rental, I tripled my income in one month by good salon marketing. No type-o… I tripled my income in 1 month I want to […]

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

ray ban logo

So you are looking at getting some hot new shades, but you want to make sure you get the best sunglasses for your face shape. I recently spent the week in California with my boyfriend and his mother. Unfortunately, while we were driving around shortly after we arrived, I sat on my favorite aviators and […]

Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Review: 5 Reasons It’s The Best Hair Oil

Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment

Let me start by saying, Lanza Keratin Healing Oil is the bomb diggity. I will get to that in just a minute, but first I want to explain oils a little bit.

If you have fine hair like me, oils are typically something we stray away from. They can get heavy and greasy on finer hair textures. Lanza Oil does not.

My hair already didn’t cooperate, so why would I want to add anything that would make it worse?

I wouldn’t, so I was totally against oils. They were dead to me until I had the epiphany of a lifetime!

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