The Best Teeth Whitening Products Ever!

woman smiling and using a teeth whitening product

Tons of people want to know how to whiten their teeth. Because one of the first things that people notice is someone’s smile, having a bright, white smile can give you more self-confidence and can make you appear younger than you are.  Unfortunately, all that daily coffee and wine nights can cause wear and tear […]

Your Skincare Routine is Missing a Beauty Fridge

skincare in a beauty fridge

Adorable, eye-catching, and alluring are beauty fridges. These beauty fridges for skincare are all over the market and can be purchased online nearly everywhere. Why not give one a shot?  Mini fridges are the new skincare trend that is popular all over Instagram. They can store all of your skincare necessities. So long are the […]

A Review of the Morphe x Jeffree Star Palette

a picture of the Morphe x Jeffree Star Palette

“Hi, how are ya?” Welcome back to Team True Beauty. Today, up for review is the Morphe x Jeffree Star Artistry Palette. This bold palette features 30 showstopping shades curated and created by Jeffree and the Morphe team. According to the back of the box, Jeffree Star’s vision for this palette stems from the idea […]

The Secret to Using Dry Shampoo

Portrait of an upset young woman twirling her hair

Not all of us have the time in the morning to get into full glam. But if we did, that would be the life, wouldn’t it? Here’s a pro-tip: dry shampoo is the MVP for all you rushed babes.  Sometimes we have to sacrifice our beauty regimen for a little bit of extra sleep in […]

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